The Bytecent social rewards network is a fun and easy way for you to earn rewards for performing social tasks you normally perform for free. Each time you tweet sponsored content, record a sponsored video review, share a sponsored photo, or perform several other tasks, we reward you with Bytecent which you can then redeem for gift cards or traded on exchanges for cash.


Bytecent is the first social rewards network to combine a self-serve solution with blockchain technology, companies can be up and running within minutes. Our technology fills the gap for companies looking to create viral campaigns while keeping their operating costs down. What we offer is an affordable solution with innovative features that appeal to both companies and influencers.


Mining Bytecent is the process of automatically verifying transactions while assisting with securing the Bytecent network. Users running the free Bytecent software can earn Bytecent by using the power of their CPU to help process transactions. Mining Bytecent is the digital equivalent of panning for gold, and users are rewarded when their PC processes a transaction/block.


Bytecent is an economical alternative to conventional ad and reward networks. By harnessing the clout of thousands of influencers globally, and utilizing the power of blockchain technology, we can make the impossible become possible. Our self-serve platform easily connects influencers with companies and makes creating viral campaigns or earning rewards effortless with just a few clicks.


Our competitive advantage is our technology, our network of influencers, and our unique monetization program. There are several companies that are marketing services for this niche, however, these services don’t offer the flexibility of blockchain technology or our robust features. While limited features are suitable for some influencers and advertisers, the vast majority of our users would prefer a more robust solution like the one we are offering. We have adopted the philosophy that if the tools we offer can increase social media engagement and earnings, influencers and advertisers will use our platform far more often.


We built our rewards platform from the ground up using our custom PHP framework and blockchain technology. Our network infrastructure is cloud-based which allows us to dynamically manage IT resources and align them to the scope and requirements of our ever-expanding project.

Security and performance are the most important elements of our platform. These include SAN storage for increased protection and automatic backups. Thanks to the combined security and performance features of our platform, both dynamic performance and data security are guaranteed.


We offer social reward tools that help influencers earn rewards and sponsors create viral social media campaigns.