Merchant Benefits

We understand the need to deliver a positive user experience when your customers engage with your product or services. Whether it is your website, mobile app, or social media, the Bytecent rewards network increases user engagement and spending. Adding Bytecent to your ecosystem will give your company the necessary tools to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Increase User Engagement

Studies have shown the more time a person spends on your site or use your mobile app, the more likely they are to convert and perform meaningful actions. However, companies find it difficult to create personalized experiences that lead to increased engagement. Bytecent helps you take advantage of the short window of opportunity by converting casual browsers into long-term engaged users.

Improve Conversion Rates

Decreasing user engagement can have adverse effects on your conversion rates and revenue. That is why Bytecent helps merchants increase engagement by providing tools designed to improve conversion rates and revenue. Our rewards platform incentives customers to make repeat purchases while delivering a fun user experience not available on other rewards networks.

Decrease Bounce Rates

The average bounce rate for both organic and ad traffic is approximately 50% on desktop, and 60-70% on mobile. So ensuring an enjoyable user experience is critical to improving the growth of your business. By offering rewards, you can create a fun and high performing inbound experience. The result is lower bounce rates and higher overall engagement.