Consumer Benefits

Bytecent is a superior alternative to conventional rewards platforms, and Bytecent offers many benefits not available in other forms of digital payments. However, perhaps the most significant advantage Bytecent offers is anyone can begin using Bytecent immediately!

No Personal Information Required

Unlike with other rewards platforms, Bytecent does not require you to input personal information. The risk of privacy intrusion and theft is significantly reduced with Bytecent. Furthermore, compared to other platforms, all you need to receive rewards is the free Bytecent wallet and a unique Bytecent address.

Immediate Rewards & Transaction

Most reward platforms do not reward you immediately, and the amount of time it takes to receive your rewards can vary from a few hours to a few weeks. Bytecent solves this problem by allowing merchants to send rewards instantly to any person worldwide. The average Bytecent transaction is completed within 60 or less, and Bytecent rewards are available immediately to spend.

No Transaction Limitations

Whether you are receiving 1 Bytecent or 10000 Bytecent, the amount you are receiving does not matter. Bytecent never expire and there are no limitations on how many Bytecent you can accumulate or spend. You have the freedom to conduct as many transactions as you desire.

Cross-site Compatible

Bytecent is cross-site and cross-platform compatible. Consumers are not restricted to using their rewards on just one website, consumers can use their rewards anywhere Bytecent is accepted.

Flexible Conversion Options

Bytecent is the only rewards network that gives consumers the ability to convert their Bytecent to Bitcoin, cash, and gift cards. We offer consumers the flexibility and freedom to choose how they spend or convert their Bytecent. We never penalize our users for not spending their Bytecent, or dictate how or when they can use their Bytecent.